Merchant Portal Registration


This article describes how merchants can register for an account with JumpQ and login to the JumpQ Merchant Portal.


  1. Go to the JumpQ Merchant Portal Getting Started page at
  2. Enter your email address and password as instructed on the screen and then click ‘Next’
  3. Enter details of your business including name, address, primary contact email, phone number, etc. These details will be used to initialize geolocation details for consumer proximity searches so try to make sure they are accurate - they can also be changed at a later time.
  4. Click ‘Register’
  5. Check your email inbox for your activation email - once you have received it, click on the activation link. You will be unable to do anything in the JumpQ Merchant Portal until you have activated your account.
Once you have activated your account, login ( and begin to use the portal!