Inventory Upload From a CSV File


This article describes how to upload inventory data from a CSV file into the JumpQ Merchant Portal.


JumpQ allows you to upload items from a CSV file. Each field in the CSV file maps to a field on the inventory items as follows:

	sku,	upc,	itemName,	itemDescription,		itemPrice,	weightInGrams,	taxRate
	1000,	12345,	Item #1,	This is the first item, 	2999,		234, 		12
	1001,	12346,	Item #2,	This is the second item,	399,		123, 		0
  1. Item price’s are denoted in cents.
  2. Tax rates are denoted in floating point values out of 100 - ie. 12.5% tax rate should be specified as 12.5 (not 0.125).
  3. Tax rates can be omitted and the default tax rate for the merchant will be used.
  4. Weight can be omitted if it is not necessary for your establishment or for the specific inventory item.
  5. Data elements can contain commas as long as the whole element is surrounded by quotations. See sample file below for an example.
A sample CSV file can be downloaded here for reference and as a starting point.
At this time all inventory uploads will overwrite any existing inventory. Please do not upload unless you have your entire inventory present in the CSV file you are uploading.


  1. Navigate to the Bulk Inventory Import page (
  2. Click the 'Choose File' button and select the CSV file containing the inventory data you'd like to upload.
  3. Click ‘Upload’ and you will be taken to a confirmation screen.
  4. Confirm the data looks correct and then click 'Confirm'.
The data will then be uploaded to your inventory database and will be available to customers.