Frequently Asked Questions

How does JumpQ work for my store?

JumpQ requires merchants to register through the Merchant Portal. Once they are registered they can import their inventory, sync data with popular POS systems, setup their custom configurations and begin allowing customers to use the JumpQ App for self-scanning, order-ahead, and mobile checkout.

Why should I use JumpQ?

We believe (and our research has shown) that one of the key reasons consumers are spending more and more online compared to in traditional retail establishments is due to convenience. JumpQ aims to bring the same convenience users are used to from online shopping into 'brick and mortar' stores. By using the JumpQ platform retailers can increase customer satisfaction, increase customer loyalty, and in turn increase sales. JumpQ also provides detailed analytics to give you insight into customer behaviours and buying patterns.

How much does JumpQ cost?

Pricing for JumpQ Merchants is available here. JumpQ App is free for consumers to download and use.

Do I need to install anything or buy any special hardware to use JumpQ?

No! JumpQ is completely cloud based and requires no special hardware to run. All you need to do is configure your store through the Portal and customers will automatically see it start to appear in their app.

This all sounds great, where do I sign up?

You can sign up here!